Housesitting is becoming more popular nowadays and the reason why is because there are many advantages by doing so.

We all can’t wait for that feeling that only a good holiday gives us but a common question many of us need to answer and can provoke stress is what to do with our pets when we cannot take them with us? Housesitting is the answer!

This practice enables us to leave our home not having to worry about feeding the dog or the cat, knowing that someone trusted will take care of this. And even in the case no pets are involved, there is always plenty to do in a house such us gardening activities, maintenance works or even just housekeeping works. Not to mention that also crime is deterred by the fact someone is in the house.

All these things mean that you can enjoy your holiday with not a single thing to worry about but just relaxing, which is the ultimate aim of a vacation.

If these are the benefits for who leaves, what about the benefits of housesitting for who comes in and so for the house sitter?

Well, of course saving money on accommodation is the most obvious one but there are also other advantages in housesitting such as exploring new places by living like a local and not like a tourist, i.e. meeting the community, having a chat with the neighbor while walking the dog, going to the shop and many more.

Becoming a house sitter can allow you to travel and explore the world almost for free, and sometimes you will end up being in places you would have not considered for their unusual location or for their high prices.

Ad Hoc Property can help you either if you are looking for someone who can take care of your place when you’re not around or if you are looking for a place you can take care of for a certain period for a very convenient price.

After all these considerations, housesitting can be seen as a win-win situation, in which there are plenty of benefits for both the house owner and the house sitter so why not giving it a go?