Properties lie vacant for many reasons: waiting to be sold or to gain planning permission, for redevelopment or because the owner is overseas. Keeping a vacant property safe and secure is vital to protect the investment especially after considering the risks linked to vacant property.


These risks, such as malicious damage, squatters and structural damage are in fact increasing and this situation is always more and more common nowadays as both commercial and non-commercial properties are emptying at an alarming rate.


For landlords of vacated properties, there is not only the hit from loss of rental income to manage but also the increased risks of problems such as illegal squatting, fly-tipping, vandalism, metal theft, fire and flood damage and many more.


In addition to that, the area surrounding the vacant property does not benefit at all from this situation but, on the contrary, becomes rougher and more dangerous.


After taking into account of all these potential problems, it is important to take action and increase the security of vacant property before something happens and this can be done through different options offered from Ad Hoc Property such as:


-property guardians

-security guards

-security cameras

-wireless alarms


You can rely on Ad Hoc Property when going through all the different options in order to choose the best solution related to your situation so that you can increase the security of your vacant property.