Hybrid CCTV Tower

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Unique to Ad Hoc, our portable Hybrid powered CCTV Towers are versatile and suitable for any site without power.

Comprising battery cells and back-up diesel engine, these mobile hybrid towers are built to last. Able to withstand extreme weather conditions and offering eco-friendly low fuel consumption (as little as 3 litres of diesel per day), the devices provide a high performing, low maintenance mobile CCTV system.

The electronic mast rises up to 8.5 metres and multiple LED ‘dusk-til-dawn’ sensor lights illuminate the area.

Ad Hoc uses only high-quality IP cameras. The versatility of the tower frame facilitates multiple cameras with various functions such as wide angles lens, PTZ, night colour vision, motion-tracking and number plate recognition.

Sophisticated motion and object analytic capability accurately computes detection alerts and ensures security call-outs are kept to a necessary minimum.

Can be deployed in conjunction with our CCTV Towers, Fixed CCTV systems and Intruder Smart Alarms.
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