Rural & Farms

Rural & Farms Rural areas are increasingly becoming crime hot spots. Fly tipping, squatting, burglary, theft and general anti-social behaviour. Our versatile and adaptable solutions provide the flexibility needed to help deter crime in these types of locations.

We have Property Guardians residing in rural properties providing live-in protection. A highly effective means of property security and around 80% cheaper than security guards. This is particularly effective because even in the remotest of locations we can provide on site presence.

If the property isn’t habitable or otherwise suitable, we can deploy fully monitored Intruder Smart Alarms, mobile CCTV Towers, fixed CCTV systems or our self-powered Hybrid CCTV Towers. Our SIA accredited CCTV operators can view the site at any time through the high quality cameras we deploy. Keyholders are ready to respond even in the remotest locations.

Ad Hoc currently manages sites such as farms and land, freight and rail yards, rural residential properties and all types of listed buildings. Our regional teams are on hand across the UK to support you in these harder to reach locations. We can also faciliate access for your agents and contractors which will also save you time.

Our services are providing practical and affordable security measures and peace of mind across all sectors.
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