What our clients say about us…

“We have been working with Ad Hoc using their services for about six years. Prior to using their services, our properties were facing the risks of vandalism and illegal occupiers. Our insurance provider also had a requirement that we do monthly checks to our vacant buildings. Since using Ad Hoc, it has given us and the neighbours in the community peace of mind that the property is in respectable use and it has allowed us to reduce costs associated to vandalism. It shows that we are caring for our assets. I would recommend Ad Hoc to other property owners. They are a very professional organisation, responsive and provide great customer service.”
“I have had nothing but positive, professional, and friendly responses from Ad Hoc in all forms of communication. I am reasonably new to contract management and the team have been supportive and helpful whenever I have asked for their assistance or advice. As a newly appointed contract manager, it is important to be able to rely on the people I am working with. Personally I need contractors to be prompt with their communication and their actions. I also need solutions to problems if they arise as well as good, clear advice when required. I have had all of these things from all the staff I have dealt with at Ad Hoc. They have made me feel like I can trust their judgement and have given me sound guidance when I have asked for it.”
“I have worked with Ad Hoc for over a year now. They provide an excellent security and property management service to the vacant buildings we have throughout England. Ad Hoc staff members are very friendly and provide excellent communication. The service provided is very reactive, enabling us to secure high risk buildings very quickly. The Property Guardian service is top quality and keeps long term vacant buildings occupied, secure, and in a good state of repair. If access is needed Ad Hoc are very reactive to ensure this is provided. The service that we receive from Ad Hoc is top quality and it’s a relationship which I hope can continue for many years to come.
“Ad Hoc have been great with helping to keep our older buildings in use while we work out how best to utilise our stock. The team has been brilliant, very courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful. I would thoroughly recommend Ad Hoc’s services, I cannot praise them enough. They have been perfect in engaging the Guardians that help protect our vacant buildings. I will definitely be using Ad Hoc’s services again should our need ever arise.“
“We have worked with Ad Hoc for two years on a range of security and property management solutions. Ad Hoc provide a quality service. The staff are approachable and responsive and the communication from them is clear and consistent. Their Guardian service has ensured our vacant properties remain secure and in a good state much more competitively than conventional security solutions. Importantly for us, Ad Hoc have also shown they can work flexibly to ensure that the process of returning guarded properties is clear, fair and consistent for all parties.”
“We  have worked in partnership with Ad Hoc for a number of years initially for guardians in long term void properties awaiting a decision on their futures. This saved the company on security costs and kept in a presence in the block to deter vandalism. Subsequently we have undertaken an initiative where Ad Hoc take the properties on a short term lease and place potential future tenants with a view that after an agreed period we will subject to tenancy conditions, offering the guardian a secure tenancy. This has proved to be a benefit to both Ad Hoc and us as it has resolved sustaining tenancies in sometimes hard to let areas.“
“I would highly recommend Ad Hoc. Their service is excellent.”
“Our properties have benefitted greatly from Ad Hoc’s services. They have provided safety, security and peace of mind that our properties are safe and well-protected. Ad Hoc’s service over the last 2 years has been excellent. I can say that when I pass a property over to them, I trust them to take care of everything. We have not had any issues at all to deal with and we are really happy with their service. I would recommend Ad Hoc to others looking to protect their assets.”
“The team at Ad Hoc are very good. All of the staff have been excellent. We have built quite a good working relationship and we are in constant contact. Whenever there is an issue, it is always resolved very quickly. It is always good to have someone within a building and it is good to know you have a point of call to refer to in dealing with any issues. It is like having another person who can assist me in the management of my sites.”
“We have worked with Ad Hoc for the past seven years having them manage our empty properties. Any time we have served notice to take back possession of a property, Ad Hoc have always handed the property back on time and in a good or even better condition than when they occupied it. We have not experienced any issues with the Guardians Ad Hoc have appointed nor has there been any instances where the licensee has attempted to claim a tenancy vs a licence. We have been very satisfied with the guardian services provided by Ad Hoc.”