We all know how expensive is to find a place to stay in London but what is less known is that, in 2017, the number of empty properties in England has risen for the first time in a decade (Homes&Property) and, in 2018, London has reached more than 20,000 houses and flats that are empty for up to six months (The Telegraph).

All these empty properties represent space that could be used for several purposes such as temporary housing and/or workspace for people who cannot afford to pay the rent, especially when it’s so high for places like London, not to mention a risk to the owner who leaves them vacant; in fact, empty properties can be vandalised, squatted, asset stripped or being used as fly-tipping.

With the help of Ad Hoc Property, a solution can be found either if you have an empty property that needs protection or if you are looking for an empty property where to stay for a certain period for a convenient price.

In fact, Ad Hoc Property offers a range of services including the so-called Property Guardians to make these empty properties more secure and ensure their upkeep.

This solution allows owners of vacant properties to reduce their rates providing at cheap price to people that can’t afford private rents or that want to save some money. In return Property Guardians will occupy the building to protect it from vandalism, theft and squatting, looking after it.

Ad Hoc Properties offers other options to protect your empty property such as smart wireless alarms and mobile security camera towers.

Wireless systems are easy to install and can be done in one day. Since they don’t need any cable and hole in walls, you can easily remove the system and reinstall it somewhere else.

The Security Camera Tower is a practical temporary CCTV Tower System that protects vacant and un-occupied properties and sites from trespassers allowing you to monitor the empty property remotely. These cameras ensure nobody will intrude on lands or empty property without your knowledge so they are also very good systems to avoid all the risks linked to empty property.