Flexible, Portable, Versatile

Flexible, Portable, Versatile Flexible, Portable, Versatile These features are imperative for every client. You want to know that your provider is working for you and providing the contractual flexibility you really need. You want to know that any security measure is dynamic and re-deployable where necessary. You want to know that our services are versatile and can be tailored to each location.

With these important things in mind, Ad Hoc offers flexible short contract terms and short notice periods. CCTV Towers can be deployed for as little as 1 month and are subject to 14-day notice periods. Property Guardians can be deployed in just a few days and occupy the property on rolling monthly contracts. Intruder Smart Alarms are subject to 7 days minimum term and just 3 days notice.

CCTV Towers can be moved around site in line with your changing needs. Our portable CCTV security towers can be moved to other areas of the site at short notice.

Digital systems that can be adapted to the requirement of the site. Multiple cameras can be fitted onto a tower and can be combined with wall mounted cameras to enhance the coverage whilst keeping the costs down. Audio warning can also be deployed and this is proven extremely effective in warning off intruders, reducing the need to activate a security response.

Monitoring times can be tailored and altered as often as necessary.

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