Security Guards & Patrols

Security Guards & Patrols National Coverage
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Reliable & Committed Service
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Canine Service
Staff Monitoring
When you decide to commit to the expense of manned guarding for any site, whether it be for a 4-hour stint or 24 hours a day, you need to know your provider is reliable, responsible and committed.

There is no doubt that manned guarding is an extremely effective and visible on-site security provision. Ad Hoc has built a network of partnerships across the UK with reliable accredited companies who deploy SIA guards that can be trusted and relied upon. If you require guard dogs too, or even guards with bodycams and stab vests, these are services we can provide and we can do it quickly.

Competitive pricing is as important as reliable service as we know the cost of guarding can be a drain on resources. With this in mind, Ad Hoc is committed to sensible pricing.

Security patrols and inspections are a less-expensive means of monitoring your site. Type and frequency of patrols and inspections can be tailored to suit.

Can be deployed in conjunction with our CCTV Towers, Hybrid CCTV Towers, Fixed CCTV Systems, Intruder Smart Alarms and Property Guardians.
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