Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment Rapid Deployment When there is a need for security there is invariably a need for it now. If there has been a security breach then the solution needs to be deployed quickly in order to deter further breaches. Ad Hoc can deploy mobile camera towers and intruder alarms within days. Security guards and patrols can be in place within hours. We also offer flexible contract terms so there need not be a long-term commitment. If you consider the flexibility Ad Hoc provides both commercially and operationally you can understand why so many asset owners and managers use our services.

Our measures are supported by robust and reliable monitoring and keyholding provisions. There are all sorts of processes and procedures in place behind the scenes to ensure that from installation to removal it’s made easy for you.

We have 9 regional offices spread around mainland UK so we are probably close to where you are. We also have the local support staff to ensure that our management support services are as rapid as our installations.

All you have to do is tell us where you are, what your site is and what issues you are encountering. We will do the rest!
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