Highways & Waterways

Highways & Waterways Whether it be a port or harbour, canal way or highway, our portable CCTV Towers and Hybrid powered CCTV Towers can provide the perfect security measure.

The towers are being deployed on roads and motorways supporting traffic management and the ongoing road works programs with CCTV and mobile lighting. We are installing camera networks on waterways as temporary or long term measures. We are using our self-powered Hybrids at locations without power, also powering other machinery and equipment on site.

The mobile towers are quickly and easily mobilised and can be relocated around the site whenever required so there is always flexibility with these types of installation.

Click here to get a quote Fixed CCTV systems can be deployed too. These can be used in conjunction with our mobile towers as it increases the range and scope of camera coverage without multiplying the cost.

Whatever the requirement, all types of cameras can be deployed, such as wide-angle lens, PTZ including high range zoom, night colour vision technology and ANPR which enables number plate recognition in all conditions.

Our versatility and flexible solutions are helping secure land, property and equipment across the UK.