Intruder Smart Alarm

Intruder Smart Alarm Intruder Smart Alarm When you need internal property security but don’t want to commit to an expensive and intrusive hard-wired alarm system, this is just what you need.

Various sensor types include motion, door & window threshold and smoke detectors. The sensors are wirelessly programmed to the control panel. If you don’t have power at the property, we can provide portable power to the control panel.

Suitable for vacant properties as well as operational workplaces, these ingenious devices can be programmed to arm and disarm as set times to suit. Owners are provided with devices to arm and disarm when on site.

The devices can also be armed and disarmed from your smart phone and all activity is logged and sent via email and SMS.

This is the perfect internal security solution. Cost effective, easy-in-easy-out, non-intrusive.
Can be deployed in conjunction with our CCTV Towers, Hybrid CCTV Towers and Fixed CCTV Systems.
National Coverage
NSI Gold Monitoring
SIA Keyholding & Security Response
Multiple Sensors, Wireless Connection
Service, Maintenance, Inspections
Rapid Deployment
3G - 4G Network
Remote Alarm & Disarm
Flexible Terms
Tailored Solutions
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