Fly Tipping

Fly Tipping Fly tipping can happen very quickly and more often out of sight, so the chances of being caught in the act are low. Having CCTV surveillance in these urban and rural hot spots has become the most effective way of identifying those responsible.

Our imposing mobile CCTV Towers and Hybrid CCTV Towers, as well as fixed camera systems, have proven extremely effective in both deterring and detecting incidents of fly tipping.

An important function of CCTV deployment is the identification of vehicle registrations. This is particularly difficult at night time when vehicle headlights cause reflective light to obscure the camera view of the number plate.

ANPR type cameras are an important component in prosecuting those responsible as they can block out the reflective light and enable us to clearly read number plates in all conditions.

Ad Hoc has been instrumental in numerous prosecutions of fly tipping incidents. Every day cameras across the UK are being recorded and monitored with view to supporting the deterrent and detection of this socially and environmentally damaging crime.

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