The 20 % of households in the U.K. are privately rented but their cost is increasing more and more, the rent’s average is 943 £/month but in London reaches £ 1,640/month. Many people, especially post graduates, keyworkers or small professional, can’t afford the housing cost increasing so is being common living in shared flats or becoming guardians.

According with Cambridge Dictionary, flats sharing is an arrangement in which two or more people live in the same flat and share the cost. There are several kinds of arrangements that adapt to every need: typical flat share, lodging with a live-in landlord, Monday to Friday share or student share.

According with Cambridge Dictionary, a property guardian is a system in which someone lives in an empty property and pay a little sum of money, in order to protect the building and prevent people from entering it illegally. There are two main arrangements according to this security system:

  • Residential Guardians. They are people who live in a vacant property and they have to protect it from unauthorized That’s why they pay a cheaper rent than a traditional tenancy.
  • Commercial Guardians. They are business organizations that protect an empty property. Business activity serves as a deterrent to criminality, maintaining the commercial worth. They don’t have to pay any rental cost but they have to pay business rates and utilities.

Are you looking for a flexible option for your accommodation?

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