See the picture above… Would you like to see your vacant propriety victim of illegal waste dumping? More than 1,000 illegal waste sites are built across England each year, probably there are many sites that haven’t been recorded.

A legal rubbish dump requires an environmental permit issue by the Environment Agency and it is subjected to strict environmental rules and high investment in safety environmental infrastructure. Unfortunately, not everyone respects the Government’s rules and, mostly, the environment.

The picture on your left was Mobuoy, near Derry in the Northern Ireland, the Europe’s largest illegal waste dump. In this site was contained more than 1 million tons of illegally deposited waste, more than Northern Ireland produces in a year.

How much is the cost for the society?

Every year, EU estimates from € 72 billion to € 90 billion each year covering tips tax evasion and cleaning costs. Moreover, there are other costs: the U.K.’s fire service spends £ 16 million every year putting out fires at waste sites.

Many criminal organizations join in this industry because it is highly profitable. The Government has been criticized for not having a proactive approach in identifying illegal waste sites.

Do you want that not effectiveness behavior of regulatory put you in a dangerous and expansive situation? You need something that it is always present in your property even when you aren’t able to be there.

Ad Hoc proprieties offers a solution to protect your vacant propriety from this risk. This security system for empty properties, based on 360 degrees smart camera towers, will avoid that your building will be victim of illegal waste dumping.