Have you ever watched, while you are walking in the centre of the city on Sunday afternoon, a building looks like the one on your left? They are called pop up shops and there are a lot of business men than are looking for work spaces to set up many pop up shops.

According with Shopify, a pop up shop is a short term, temporary retail space where brand, usually ones without a physical presence but also well-known ones, can interact in person with current customers and communicate their message to potential new ones.

Pop-up shops aim to create value in different ways:

  • Well-known brands. They often build pop-up shops in order to create a unique customer journey.
  • Online-only brands. They often build pop-up shops for exploring the world offline, without having financial risks.
  • Artists and small professionals. They need a flexible and short term property where shown their works so pop-up are useful.

Well, but how much is it organizing a pop up shop?

There are many factors that influence the costs but the mains are duration, location and size of the site. Popertee, a retail analytics firm, spent about € 30,000 for one month while Inkbox, an online temporary tattoo brand, paid about € 15,000 for two weeks pop up shop.

How Ad Hoc Proprieties can help you?

If you are an artist or a small professional and you don’t want to take too financial risk you could become a Commercial Guardian. Ad Hoc Proprieties helps you in looking for the best empty property to set up your pop up shop. You have to protect it but, mostly, you don’t have to pay any rent but, only, business rates and utilities.

In other hand, if you are an owner of vacant commercial property and you need a security system, what’s better a Commercial Guardian who protects your building and maintains its commercial worth?

As you can see, the world is changing and work spaces of pop up shops are an example. In this competitive environment, Ad Hoc proprieties drives you on the best way.