Security Towers are a valid solution to the major risks that can arise when a property is vacant, which are vandalism, asset stripping, arsonists, thieves, potential squatters and so on.

Ad Hoc Property offers this solution which can be implemented as quickly as possible and does not require any ground work or infrastructure requirements.

The Cyclops Smartcam Tower is a digital property security management system that uses state of the art SMART technology, the same technology that is in operation in monitoring the US Defence Centre, The Pentagon.

Cyclops utilises wireless communication technology which means you can filter large objects like motor vehicles with smaller objects like people or animals and in doing so ensure that an alarm is only triggered when there is a clear threat. The system records continuously 24/7 and is remotely monitored to ensure total protection.

The tower installation process provides flexibility in enabling our security engineers to relocate the device around a site where necessary. Fully visible to deter intruders and boasting a ‘dusk till dawn’ bright green light sensor, Cyclops is a far more cost-effective security option compared to alternative forms of security. With Cyclops you have a 24-hour “state of the art security system” which along with the other range of solutions that Ad Hoc provide will ensure your asset remains fully secure.

These security towers act also as a visible deterrent, in fact, in the past they led to the arrest of a trespasser who tried to damage a property in Kent in his attempt to force entry.