When a property is empty, there can be several problems related to its security such as vandalism, squatter occupation, asset stripping, fly-tipping, along with the impoverishment of the surrounding area because of all these issues. For all these reasons, it is very important you understand the risks and take action in order to improve empty property security so to prevent these situations.

Ad Hoc Property offers several options related to the improvement of empty property security such as:

  • Property guardians: people who get a room in an empty property for a very convenient price and commit to take care of the property keeping it safe and secure from the threat of squatters, thieves, asset strippers and criminal damage.
  • Commercial guardians: businesses that find space in an unused property to work, whilst only paying the business rates and utilities rather than costly rent. This solution not only saves the commercial property guardians money, it also improves neighbourhoods by boosting local economies and protecting the owner’s investment.
  • Security guards: these are a good option to protect a property before guardians are put in place. They can be helpful when squatters have been removed from a building, or while we carry out any necessary health and safety assessments, and work is done to make the property suitable for the guardian scheme.
  • Smart alarms: wireless alarm product can be installed and active in just one day, after which your property will be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days per year with a manned response when necessary.
  • Smartcam towers: this is a digital property security management system powered by a Cyclops system that uses state of the art SMART technology, the same technology that is in operation in monitoring the US Defence Centre, The Pentagon. The system boasts a 360-degree camera that can be programmed to move zones at set intervals to ensure the site is fully monitored 24/7.

All these ways to improve empty property security are offered by Ad Hoc Property, you only need to choose which one is the best for you and your situation.