According to BBC News, there are an estimated 870,000 empty homes in the UK and enough empty commercial buildings to create 420,000 new homes. Over 200,000 of which are long-term vacant dwellings and these numbers are still on the rise. These unoccupied properties are easy targets for vandals, thieves and squatters, and more often than not landlords lose thousands of pounds trying to protect their assets. Ad Hoc is different from conventional security measures; there is a way to secure your property in one easy step.

Traditionally, there have been two options for vacant property owners: hire an outside company to oversee the premise or let it out privately to a tenant.

The first solution may appear to be the quickest and most effective, but in reality it entails a high cost. Moreover, there tends to be hidden dangers in the contract because it fails to oversee specific aspects of asset security or property maintenance. The second option is the most common choice when it comes to unoccupied household management, yet the past few years have seen rapid growth in the number of crimes associated with fraudulent tenants. As a result hundreds of landowners have suffered from crimes such as identity thefts and illegal subletting of properties.

Ad Hoc’s Guardianship Model provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to these problems. The model is based on a tenancy-landlord agreement in which the responsibility of security and maintenance will be a shared duty between owners and tenants. Lodgers will benefit from an affordable but high-quality living experience while landlords profit from having a peace of mind that their possessions are in the hands of a vetted, responsible, vigilant and professional individual.

The Guardianship Model can be up to 80% cheaper than conventional security methods, the only costs for the landowner being a small fee and monthly utilities. What has traditionally been seen as a tedious and costly burden for landlords could now become a positive, financially sound way of ensuring the security of properties.

Guardians may potentially bring an evolution to the UK housing industry. Secure your vacant property by going on to Ad Hoc’s website and within minutes Ad Hoc will find you the perfect live-in House Guardian.