The UK property market is now more fickle than ever. Price-to-earnings ratio hit its peak earlier this year as average housing prices continue to escalate and the summer budget looking to kick-in over the next few years. As a result tenants are facing stiff competition in the market, battling to find low-income flats for rent.

Deposit gap, the time required to save up for housing deposit, is now a chasm too large to cross. Furthermore the 2015 summer budget has announced to cut buy-to-let tax relief, making buying a home more and more unfeasible and forecasting an imminent increase in rent. The only viable accommodation option for the typical young person is property rental, yet average cost of rent in the UK has picked up its growth rate with rent prices reaching almost 20% higher than same time last year.

Ad Hoc’s Guardianship Model provides an economically efficient and more effective alternative to traditional living options. Low income consumers in the housing market will be able to afford quality living environment without sacrificing unnecessary expenses.

There are numerous benefits to being a guardian, including an exciting and interesting living experience, closer proximity to urban and commercial hotspots, and a basecamp for travellers. Ad Hoc’s approach is favourable to both those wanting a permanent dwelling and short term residents, like staycation tourists, seasonal workers, graduate, interns and others keen for a temporary place to stay.

The innovative guardian living style is particularly attractive to adventurous lodgers who are seeking greater cost-to-live spaces and a more flexible tenancy. The model can be up to 80% cheaper than conventional letting methods and weekly cost can be as low as £50, which in a city like London is a significant break from the extortionate norm. With Ad Hoc’s House Guardians method, the search for accommodation will no longer be an arduous quest but a chance to make significant financial savings.

Finding these properties is easy. Just simply go on to the Ad Hoc website, click properties, and scroll through dozens of low income apartments for rent in cities all over the country. Within minutes you will discover cheap rent solutions that fit perfectly with your needs.