One of the rapidly growing but relatively hidden issues in the housing market is the increase in number of vacant properties. Government data has shown that there are over 610,000 empty homes in England, of which over 200,000 are long-term unoccupied dwellings; these numbers are still on the rise. Amongst all the available options in the industry, what is the best security solution for vacant property?

While landlords are away, these unattended properties are likely to fall victim to crimes such as thefts and squatting. Even the most basic of properties can have thousands of pounds worth of valuable goods that can be sold on the black market, such as roof tilling, fibre optic cables, carpeting, electrical devices and metal structures to sell on as scrap metal. Furthermore, vandalism and destruction can be even more damaging, with the cost of repairs often greater than the actual cost of the house.

Traditionally, there have been two options for unattended property owners: board it up and leave it as it is or hire an outside company to oversee the premise. Unoccupied home insurance and regular lettings are the other possible solutions to these problems. The efficiency of these conventional measures is however undermined by the lack of surveillance and hidden danger, aside from needing to have deep pockets.

Ad Hoc has a different answer to finding the most efficient solution for unattended housings. The Property Guardianship Model delivers an inventive, smart, and cost efficient tenancy-landlord agreement that provides landowners with peace of mind that their assets are safe in the hands of carefully vetted live-in house guardians. This alternate option can be up to 80% cheaper than regular methods of security; the only entailed cost being a small fee, minimum insurance and monthly utilities. The most crucial success of this model is being able to make what has traditionally been seen as a tedious and costly burden for landowners now become a positive, financially sound way of ensuring asset security.

Ad Hoc’s innovation approach could potentially bring about big changes in the way the UK housing industry functions. Solving the property crisis puzzle is easy. Just simply go on to the Ad Hoc guardian website and within minutes you will have the best security solution for vacant property.