The picture above shows the National and the Greater London average asking rent during Q1 in 2019. As you can see, renting costs are increasing, especially in Greater London where the annual change achieves +8.2 %. Higher cost of housing creates new options for living in U.K., especially in London; the most interesting solution is Live in Property Guardians.

A property guardian is a system in which someone lives in an empty property and pay a little sum of money, in order to protect the building and prevent people from entering it illegally.

The number of guardians isn’t so high, indeed, there are approximately 5,000 guardians in the UK but that number is rising, Property Guardian Providers Association found.

Who are the guardians?

The largest proportion of guardians (45%) are in their twenties, a 25% are in their thirties, the rest is older than the other ones. The largest part of these work in arts and creative industries (35%), follow Key-workers (30%) and 20 % are small professionals like medical, accountancy or legal professions.

What are the advantages of becoming guardians?

First of all, becoming a property guardian, you can save a lot of money because you have to protect the empty property. How much money will you spend every month? Over 60 % of the guardians pay less than £ 500 a month and only 5 % pay more than £ 900.

It’s true, if the owner of the empty property, that you are protecting, needs the building you have only one month to leave the property. Don’t worry about this because, first of all, Ad Hoc will find another perfect empty accommodation as soon as possible and, second, Statistics show that 89 % of guardians stay in the same property for six months or more, and 60 % for a year or more.

How can you become an Ad Hoc Guardian?

A Guardian must be employed, without dependents, without pets and, of course, ready to move at short notice. If you respect all these criteria What are you waiting for? Please, visit our website to the following link in order to have the list of all documents necessary to apply:

Belonging to the community of Property Guardians, you can gain all the advantages see before.