London remains the most expensive city to live in within the UK, however we have a way to live there comfortably with reduced costs. Ad Hoc can provide you with an empty property in the hub of the UK, which you can personalise and tailor to suit your needs and make your chosen property feel like your home… with minimal costs.

Our team works by providing a service which aids property owners who require guardians and people like you in finding a place to stay. With a range of different styles of properties, we’re certain that one of our empty properties would interest you.

Our spaces are unique as they provide you with the space you need and the flexibility which you may desire.  Commuting to London can be very time consuming. We can provide you with a base, where you can easily commute from and make your life a whole lot easier!

Or perhaps you’re a post graduate, looking for a property in London but unable to afford the rent prices. Ad Hoc allows you to be in the place you want to be and do what you want to do, without any issues.

Ad Hoc allows you to outsmart others and stay in, what would be, unattainable properties with costs being a segment of average rental prices in the area. Lengths of stays are able to vary, some properties allow you to stay for shorter periods of time and others long periods of time, up to around 2 years. This variation means that you can be sure that you’ll find a suitable property for your personal desires.

So why not get started and find yourself an empty property in London by becoming a guardian.