The question of property crisis has been spiralling out of control over the past few quarters. Despite growing attention for the issue, the problem remains unanswered in the short term and looks to get worse in the long run. Little does the industry know: vacant property guardianship may be the answer to this long lasting puzzle!

While the majority of the country is focusing on buying and selling, letting and subletting properties, a crucial part of the property market is being neglected. Government data has shown over 610,000 vacant homes in England with over 200,000 long-term unoccupied dwellings, which is equivalent to the space needed to create 420,000 new homes. The rising number of empty homes across the UK is not only a waste of resources, but it also subjects local communities to potential threats. Empty properties are often targets of theft, vandalism, squatting and other anti-social behaviour, resulting in landowners losing thousands of pounds trying to secure or repair their premises.

Ad Hoc’s Guardianship Model provides a key to the property crisis. The model is based on a tenancy-landlord agreement that promises a smarter and more affordable alternative to traditional living options. These idle properties, ranging from private households to commercial buildings such as old schools and fire stations, are recycled, redesigned and reimagined by Ad Hoc specialists to satisfy the needs of a tenant.

Ad Hoc’s initiative to effectively manage vacant buildings may potentially bring about an evolution in the housing market. By “recycling” unused, abandoned or empty residential and commercial buildings, the Guardianship Model strives to maximize resource utility and prove that a better living quality can be achieved with a low cost. Tenants may be able to escape the ruthless competition for affordable housing and other issues that may arise from unoccupied buildings can be simultaneously avoided.

This innovative approach is favourable to individuals looking for either a temporary or long term dwelling. There are numerous advantages to living as an Ad Hoc guardian, namely the ability to make significant financial savings and to enjoy a greater living space while still being close to urban hotspots.

Finding these properties are easy. Simply go on to the Ad Hoc Website and within minutes you will find a list of vacant property to rent all across the UK and Ireland.