In the last year fly-tipping has increased by 7% for the fourth year in a row. This rise is caused in part by the new digital reporting systems, that facilitate people communicating to authorities illegal dumping activities. Unfortunately local councils around UK have recorded a significant growth also in terms of refuse tons.

The regions that are more afflicted by this scourge are Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin and the boroughs of Ealing in west London and of Newcastle-under-Lyme. It is becoming a big deal for local councils, that spend more than £3,000 per month dealing with illegal dumping. Last year almost 1m cases of fly-tipping were reported in England, equivalent to 114 every hour. It costs taxpayers £58m in clean-up costs. For years local governments have been able to persecute illegal dumpers with legal actions, that take long time to conclude and not always result in monetary fines, but just in notice letters. Since May 2016, all councils have issued separate fines of up to £400 for small scale fly-tipping offences, thanks to new empowerments given by central government. In 12 months 56,000 fixed penalties were given out, with an increase of 56% from the previous year, and 36 fixed penalty notices were issued for every prosecution.

Last year almost 1m cases of fly-tipping were reported in England, equivalent to 114 every hour

Statistics say that two thirds of farmers have been affected by fly-tipping and victims of illegal litter dumping have the responsibility to pay to remove properly any refuse from their property. Landowners, farmers and rural businesses have to face the cost of cleaning up rubbish dumped on their land, evaluated between £100m and £150m a year.


Farmers that have been affected by this problem must take preventive measures in order to dissuade people fly-tipping again and to make their property less vulnerable.

Smart CCTV Systems and Smart CCTV Towers can solve the problem, and Ad Hoc Property can install these systems rapidly and monitor the property 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Frequently these sites are distant and isolated and it’s difficult and expensive to place monitoring systems. Ad Hoc Property can provide these lands with their Hybrid Powered Smart CCTV Towers, a self-powered system, that doesn’t need any electric connection. Moreover is eco-friendly, supplied of 4G connectivity, fully monitored and it’s mobile and versatile, guaranteeing fast placement on the property.


Ad Hoc Hybrid Powered Smart CCTV Towers can really help in stopping fly-tipping or, if it continues, they’ll be able to identify people that persist in illegal dumping activities.