In the first years of their working life, it can be very difficult for post graduates to find affordable accommodation. The risk is spending all the money they’re starting to earn for their rent, without saving any to move away and settle down on their own. This could become an endless circle.


A lot of new post graduates find occupation in big cities, where the dramatical rise of housing prices are causing big problems to all category of employees, more than others key workers, public workers and young people in general.

New graduates have to confront a complex and competitive market in major cities, earning less than people with an apprenticeship in the first three years, although unemployment has decreased since 2012 from 7.4% to 5.9% but that hasn’t reach the pre-crisis level yet. Moreover 6.5% of graduates has a part-time job in the first three years and half of them obtain a job in a non-graduated role.

All these factors, together with the need of flexibility, don’t leave many solutions for post graduates. Many of them choose to share a room or an apartment with friends or other new graduates, trying to save money for the future.


A new opportunity is given by Ad Hoc Property. Becoming one of their Residential Guardians, post graduates can occupy at very convenient prices, one of their vacant properties all around the country. Their owners are searching for someone that could live in these properties to protect them from any risk of vandalism and theft. Moreover they will recover part of their rates, while occupants can have low-cost accommodation in big cities, saving their money for the future.

The properties can be any type of building, from apartment or house, to office, part of an industrial structure or big manor. Some of the larger buildings can offer more accommodation with big shared areas, where post graduates can make new relationships. This could enlarge the living experience, meeting similar people and creating a new network.


Becoming a Residential Guardian is a way also to afford a flexible solution for accommodation, because occupants need only a 28 day notice to move away, allowing post graduated students to adapt to their needs very fast, without getting stuck in long rent contracts.


Ad Hoc Properties can be the solution for all post graduates to afford an accommodation near their workplace, saving money for future settlement, making new friends in shared properties and being able to move faster if necessary.