Hi, I’m Pete and I’m an Ad Hoc Property Guardian. My experience as a Guardian is a little different from previous Guardian Ambassadors because not only do I live in an unusual property, but it also serves as a rehearsal space for me and my band, Jimmy Ringus.

I came across Ad Hoc through my band mate (and now housemate) Chris, who was already living as a Guardian. We wanted to start a band and the only way to do that was to live under the same roof. Chris was already with Ad Hoc and when our current living space became available we jumped at it.

The space is amazing; we occupy the day centre of a disused care home. There are four of us in here, all musicians. We have sizeable rooms, our own kitchen and wet room, and a very nice garden with a terrace, as well as plenty of storage space.

Chris and I were the first in and Ad Hoc has always been happy to accept our referrals when people moved out, meaning we all get along here. It’s like a big family.

We have room for a music studio for band rehearsals, which has helped us perfect all our songs, and we’ve also been able to set up the entire light installation, which has been a great help.

Being a Guardian has given me the opportunity to invest more time and money in really making Jimmy Ringus a success. I work as a freelance copywriter and thanks to the low cost of being a Guardian I’ve been able to ease off on my established day job and put hours into the band. Like me, I’ve met several Guardians who have been able to invest more time into what they are passionate about and pursue their dream career because Ad Hoc is so affordable.

Regarding the Guardian lifestyle, I’ve always thought humans are designed to live in tribes, not ones or twos in small boxes they spend their whole lives trying to pay for. Here I have my own space when I want it, but some amazing company as well!

It’s especially great for someone like me; being a divorcee I’m really not thrilled by the idea of having to repay a mortgage in the maximum term available of about 20 years. My preference is to have more time to spend on the things I love doing.

When I became a Guardian I had no idea that it would have such a profound effect on my life. It has given me the freedom and independence to pursue my passions and I can honestly say that since joining the Ad Hoc family I’ve never looked back.