The picture above is an example of the almost 278,000 empty property that are in the U.K., Admiral Insurance found. England has the highest number (217,000) and Wales has the highest proportion, 20 in every 1,000 properties. How does this look with empty property in London?

Unsurprisingly, the table of councils with the most long-term vacant home positions is London in the second place with 38 empty building in every 1,000, beyond the Shetland Islands. The Square Mile attracts many foreign property investors who often sit on properties rather than rent them out.

Have you got any vacant property requiring protection in London?

Ad Hoc Property helps you in several ways offering different security services to your empty building:

  • Residential Guardians. Ad Hoc Property recruits the right guardian for your property. The Guardian who lives in it protects it from unauthorised visitors, simply by keeping it occupied.
  • Commercial Guardians. They are business organisations that protect your building. Business activity serves as a deterrent to criminality, maintaining the commercial worth.
  • Security guards. They’re people who works in security industry. They can be used when squatters have just removed from the building or when Ad Hoc propriety carries out necessary health and safety assessments in order to understand if the property suitable for the guardian scheme.
  • Cyclops Smart Alarms. Ad Hoc property has several wireless alarms that can detect motion, a threshold breach, smoke and extreme temperatures. They can be installed in just one day and then your property will be monitored.
  • Cyclops Smartcam Towers. This security system is composed by some 360 degrees smart camera that can be programmed to move zones at set intervals to ensure the site is fully monitored 24/7.

Are you looking for a cheap and flexible accommodation in London or are you setting up your own business?

London attracts a lot of people for work and offers the highest wage in U.K. but it’s very sad spend a large part of your salary in housing costs, so you could consider to become a Guardian. Becoming a guardian, you can save a lot of money, you can live in place that normally you couldn’t afford and you can meet new people with a similar background.

London attracts, also, a lot of business men who want to raise money for their business. Ad Hoc property works with each commercial guardian to find the most suitable building for your business. There isn’t any rental cost but you have to pay business rates and utilities.

As you can see if you are interested in empty propriety in London for living or protection Ad Hoc Property answers to all your questions.