Are you a keyworker and are you looking for a cheap accommodation in the centre of the city? There are several opportunities to find an accommodation for keyworkers. But first of all, who are they?

Keyworkers are employees who work in the public sector and provide a vital service in areas of health, education and community safety. In the other hand, Government considers keyworkers who need to be protected from the increasing cost of housing, especially in some areas of the U.K. If you belong to this category it can help you to buy your first home with a low cost loan or to rent with affordable price.

A survey by Halifax (2019) has reported that the average of nurse, teacher, police officer or firefighter can only afford to own a home in 8 % of town across Britain, down from 24% in 2014.

However, this program is available in London, in the South East and the East of England, where keyworker’s salaries are lower than the cost of living.

As you can see in the picture on your left, the areas involved in this program have the highest average house price to keyworker’s earning ratio in the U.K.

If you live in these areas and you work in the public sector, please visit the Government’s website to know if your job is included in one of the category listed by the Government.

Maybe you aren’t considered a keyworker by the Goverment…

If you aren’t considered a keyworker or you are not currently in a position to enter in this program it would be very tough living in the city centre, near your place of work. Do you know that around the city there are a lot of empty proprieties, as you can see on your right, that could be occupied, so why not become a property guardian?

Ad Hoc Properties can find accommodation for keyworkers, becoming a Property Guardian. The guardian has to occupy the building and have to protect it from any unauthorised access. That’s why a property guardian has many advantages, most of all large saving on accommodation costs. Moreover, you don’t have to travel from your town to the city centre anymore because you are near your place of work.