Have you never been stopped outside your property because someone fly-tipped, as you can see on your left? Well, you are lucky because you have never been victim of Fly-tipping.

…but what is it?

According with Keep Britain Tidy charity, Fly-tipping is defined as the ‘illegal deposit of any waste onto land that does not have a license to accept it’. They usually have big dimension indeed the types of the waste that are considered fly-tipping are ‘black bag’, ‘white good’ and industrial waste, such as tires and construction materials.

Fly tipping causes many issues to local councils: it is a source of pollution, an illegitimate waste business but, mostly, a potential hazard to the traffic. Doesn’t exist an accurate clearance cost database for all incidents caused by fly-tipping but the Government estimates that are double than the clearing cost of ‘significant/multi loads’. In 2018 the clearing cost of them was £12.2 million, up from £9.9 million in 2017.

May the rising of fly-tipping be caused from the amount councils charge for taking rubbish to the tip?

Local Government Association said there was “no evidence” to link fly-tipping to any particular trend. However, it’s curious to observe that six of the ten areas, that have the higher increasing from last year, do charge householders to take some types of rubbish to the tip, mainly building rubble or plaster.

The Government recommends reporting every tipper and, farther, there is a page on the Government’s website where you can signalize the crime. However, you know, that it could be very hard to report tippers because they fly-tip only when they’re sure that nobody sees them. So, how you can defence your property?

Ad Hoc Proprieties answers to this issue with Cyclops Smartcam Tower. It is a security system composed by some 360 degrees smart camera that can be installed wherever you want and protect your property from Fly-tipping.