Looking to let a spacious room for an affordable price? You’ve come to the right place.

At Ad Hoc we can provide you with a spacious living space, unfurnished with the ability for you to personalise it and make it your own. For those of you who are creative and enjoy designing your living space, this allows you to express yourself and live in a space where you feel comfortable. Previous guardians have stayed in what used to be a school, allowing for generously sized bedrooms designed for classes of 30 pupils!

There is a wide range of different properties to choose from, in various locations across the UK and for various lengths of stay. Enjoy living comfortably and having space to cater for your needs, all for an affordable price including all the bills.

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Many of our guardians have found the spacious characteristics really useful, especially with those who have jobs that require extra space. It has allowed them to do what they want to do without being cramped in a small apartment, whilst paying much higher rental costs. Ad Hoc provides you with convenience and comfortable living, making your life a whole lot easier!


Ad Hoc means you are able to find yourself a spacious room to let in locations where that wouldn’t otherwise have been possible. With house prices constantly getting more and more expensive, take advantage of this opportunity and find the place for you.