creative1The first of these events in May 2015 included an audio visual installation created in three parts; all inspired by the poem No Worst, There is None by Gerard Manly Hopkins, a visual display by artist and Guardian Marco Lawrence and a specially composed musical piece created by Bill Ryder-Jones of The Coral.

What was initially intended to showcase the limitless potential of buildings and pay homage to the creative community of our Ad Hoc Property Guardians, quickly grew beyond measure.

In the year since the first Ad Hoc Creative EXPO, Ad Hoc Creative was approached with the opportunity to take its reasonably small project to new heights – Light Night Liverpool 2016. This was a chance to bring its installation to one of the most iconic buildings in Liverpool, The Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.

creative2For several months, Ad Hoc Creative worked with a range of collaborative artists to evolve and grow the installation; the composition by Bill Ryder Jones was re-imagined by IMMIX Ensemble founder Daniel Thorne, whilst Sam and Damien Wiehl brought the beautiful visual installation to whole new heights (quite literally) to fill the magnificent venue.

Fast forward to 13th May 2016 where the Ad Hoc Creative installation was billed as the headline event of Light Night 2016.

Cue the music. Initially composed by Bill Ryder-Jones, Daniel Thorne took the piece and reimagined the composition for the venue. The Walton Salvation Army Band slowly filled the air with a melodic hum as the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral Youth Choir joined with a soft harmony. Sam Wiehl introduced the beautiful visuals of snow-capped mountains and rolling hills, interwoven with psychedelic geometric patterns and rippling waves.

Mid way through the performance members of The Reader Organisation took to the stage to provide a reading of the inspiring poem by Gerard Manly Hopkins, No Worst, There is None. The audience was transfixed by the combination of music, visual and verse.

creative3As the performance moved to a close, the audio visual installation built to the intense and poignant crescendo; the pièce de résistance came when the Anglican Cathedral’s Great Organ brought the piece to its climax, filling the entire space with a heavy, vibrating note that perfectly juxtaposed the ethereal harmonies of the choir and band.

The audience erupted into applause. Many took to their feet in an ovation that lasted near a minute. But it wasn’t until the following day, when the Liverpool Echo posted this review that the realisation dawned on what an impression the Ad Hoc Creative installation had made, even appearing on the front page of the Saturday edition! Drawing crowds of well over 2000, the Guide Liverpool described the event as ‘stunning, epic and spectacular’ and the Ad Hoc social media was inundated with praise and compliments.

What’s next for Ad Hoc Creative? The team are continually collaborating and working with artists and musicians across the country, so make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up-to-date, because we guarantee you won’t want to miss out!

Take a look at the full event picture gallery below.

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