In April of this year, we launched our ‘Respect for Guardians’ Charter, an initiative designed to not only raise standards across the vacant property management sector, but also to provide you, our Guardians, with the best service possible.

The reason this is all so important is because at present the standard of living in some empty properties is simply not good enough. As this industry grows, it is imperative that we do not let our Guardians down by cutting corners and ultimately not providing the proper service. This is why, with this Charter, our aim is to be open and honest at all times, and ultimately, we are fully committed to a win/win relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

What does the Charter mean?

Our Charter is the first part of a wider campaign over the next 12 months, where we will be pushing for best practice to be adhered to at all times, be it through an improved standard of properties for you, our Guardians, to live in, or by making sure that you all not only have everything you require but are also communicated with in the correct manner. Our overarching aim is for the entire industry to get on board and agree to these changes.

To view all of the elements of the Charter, click here.

If you would like to discuss any part of the Charter with a member of our team, contact us via your closest regional office. Click here to find the relevant contact details.