3 spacious double bedrooms within house in the centre of Great Yarmouth with large lounge, bathroom, kitchen and ample parking. £395pcm including all bills. Within walking distance of both the town centre and seafront.

In the last few years is become very common for young people and post graduate students to be a sofa surfer. Usually they can’t afford to pay a full rent for an apartment in big cities, where they probably have their job or where they’re looking to work.

A lot of them have spent a period of time, from one week to several months, staying temporarily with friends or relatives, getting from place to place and searching for an accommodation for the night.


Since 2006 Ad Hoc Property Management has enlarged his business in UK and can offer these people the right solution. Their services consist in finding empty properties around the country, like flats, houses, offices, industrial sites and others, that can be vacant for different reasons. Owners search for someone that can occupy their property for a certain amount of time, to protect them from any theft or vandalism, also reducing their rates’ costs.

This could be a solution also for key workers, like police officers, firefighters, teachers and health service staff, that are struggling to afford accommodation near their workplaces. In fact, as house prices have significantly risen, public wages and salaries have almost remained stable for many years.

Moreover people spend around 30 minutes to reach their workplace all over the country, but this time goes up considerably in big cities, like London, where the average time is 45 minutes, with 58% of workers that takes more than 40 minutes on their way to work.

Ad Hoc Property Management can provide to all these employees a cheaper housing solution near their workplace that they can use during the week.


It offers a great opportunity for all the people that are searching for temporary accommodation and saving their money. Guardians, the occupants, can get low-cost houses all over the country, with a cheaper solution than renting an apartment, while owners can keep their properties safe from thieves, recovering part of their rates. Being a Guardian, you can also meet people that choose the same way of living, sharing a house or sort of accommodation, that allow you to meet a new network of similar people.

Becoming a Residential Guardians could be a better option than sofa surfing, guaranteeing a safer and less stressful solution for young employees and workers looking for flexible accommodation.