In the last few years Wireless Smart Alarms have improved a lot and more and more people have adopted these security systems for their houses or their industrial estate, instead of traditional wired installations.

Ad Hoc Property can help protect your property with Wireless Smart Security Alarms to protect from any theft, vandalism and squatters, combined also with Smart CCTV Towers, or with a Property Guardian, especially if controlling an extended area with more than one building.

Nowadays there are many reasons to choose wireless systems. First of all, they’re easy to install, because they don’t need any wiring and drilling, and Ad Hoc’s personnel can plan, build and activate the instalment in the same day.

Because they don’t need any cable and hole in walls, you can easily remove the system and reinstall somewhere else. This is perfect for temporary installation like Ad Hoc’s properties, allowing owners not to spend on wiring works to protect empty buildings for short time, saving a lot of money.

Wireless Smart Alarms give also an extra protection because they don’t depend on any electric system, excluding the risk of been disabled by cutting phone lines.

Because it isn’t hardwired, Smart Security Alarms equipment is easily and quickly upgradable, adding new sensors and cameras, and modifiable, with the possibility of changing system’s arrangement.

Wired systems are very reliable but they need to be controlled from only one control panel, which could be annoying for big industrial estate with more buildings. Wireless security systems are remotely accessible, equipped with remote key fob that can arm and disarm the alarms. Moreover, you can connect your smartphones and various devices with the security system, guaranteeing remote access when you’re away from every part of the world. Thanks to 3G+ connectivity and remote SMS control, in case of intrusion the system will notify you and the authorities, and it will also communicate minor issues, like required batteries changes.

Wireless security systems are equipped with a lot of different features connected with smart lights, smart locks, Smart CCTV Towers and other automated devices. They have also many characteristics that can be modified, like alarms’ volume or silent alarms, notification to authorities and neighbours, hacking warnings and others functionalities.

Thanks to all these characteristics, Ad Hoc’s Wireless Smart Alarms are the solution for all the owners that want to protect their property for a short period of time, allowing them not to spend huge money, saving on installation costs. Besides, they can control it anytime anywhere, being able to take action immediately.