Void spaces are prone to anti-social fly tipping and waste dumping.

Fly-tipping is describes and illegal deposit of waste on land that isn’t licenced to accept it.

The law puts the onus on the property owner to clean up the waste. Whilst council’s may investigate and prosecute they will not remove the dumped waste material. The property owner may be able to recover some of the costs of removing the waste should a prosecution be successful.

To combat this the property can either be re-occupied using property guardians, or if this is not an option; then an Ad Hoc SmartCam Tower can be installed to protect the property and surrounding land.

Smart Camera Towers are portable and can be quickly set up for short or long periods, providing both a deterrent and evidence gathering. Providing 24/7 coverage with remote monitoring.

Because the camera towers are portable, engineers can re-locate them around the property as and when required, ensuring that your asset stays secure.

Ad Hoc property management is one of the only firms in the UK with a range of flexible solutions for the protection land from fly-tipping and illegal waste dumping, unlike the majority of our competitors.