Average property values in UK broke its record last month, hitting the £200,000 barrier for the first time. As prices continue to soar, buying a home is now less affordable than ever and cheap rent accommodation has become the key alternative living option.

This phenomenon can be seen all across the UK, especially in densely populated areas such as London, Liverpool, Bristol, Manchester and more. With high demand and little supply, tenants often have to choose between affordable prices and quality housing while facing rigorous competition in the market. The uphill battle is expected to get tougher as the average rent continues to upsurge, reaching 10% higher than same time last year.

As austere as the market may seem, there is a smart and easy solution to the problem. Through Ad Hoc’s Guardianship Model, individuals looking for lodgings will no longer have to sacrifice price or ease. Different from traditional letting methods, the system provides an inexpensive rent alternative for a better living experience. House Guardians take on an innovative role through a tenancy-landlord agreement that safeguards properties for owners and guarantees cheaper rent and more flexibility for tenants.

Ad Hoc strives to provide a new and highly effective way for the property market to give power back to the consumers who are in search of houses or flats to rent. In addition to an economic-efficient substitute, live-in house guardians will also be able to enjoy living in interesting and creative homes. These available properties range from regular flats to old fire stations and schools, and are carefully designed and reimagined by Ad Hoc specialists into all types and sizes to make them suitable for living. This ideal approach will benefit both the tenants and the local community.

Finding these properties is easy. Just simply go on to the Ad Hoc guardian website, click properties, and scroll through dozens of housings in cities all over the country. Within minutes you will be able to find various cheap rent solutions to your housing problem.