The property crisis looms heavy over Europe, particularly in the UK. If the crisis continues to grow and housing prices continue to rise, all the efforts to ensure the wellbeing of citizens will start to seem unsuccessful. While Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto brought a revolutionary perspective to the political spectrum, Ad Hoc’s House Guardians might be the answer to expensive and challenging property problems.

Over the past 18 months, house prices have risen by an average of 20%. This is most evident in cities with high population density, such as London, Manchester, and Bristol, to name a few. The resulting situation is a tough choice between low price accommodation and quality living. Ad Hoc’s Guardian provides tenants with a living alternative that is more flexible, economically efficient and helps to eliminate such a choice.

The Property Guardianship Model is based on a tenancy-landlord agreement that puts properties in hands of responsible and professional live-in tenants while landowners are away. This innovative approach is beneficial to both the residents and the property owners: it can be up to 80% cheaper than traditional letting options and guardians only have to give a short notice before moving out of the house. In addition, landlords will have peace of mind that their assets are safe and secured while they are away from home.

There are a lot of benefits to living the life of a property guardian: You will be enjoying a greater cost-to-live space ratio and closer proximity to urban hotspots, along with the ability to make significant financial savings while living a flexible and exciting lifestyle. Furthermore, the guardian lifestyle is particularly appealing to adventurous people, seeking easy and quick living arrangements, keen to meet interesting people in an unconventional living space. A variety of property ranging from old schools to care homes are being reimagined and redesigned by Ad Hoc’s specialist team to satisfy the needs of lodgers.


The House Guardians approach could potentially bring about positive changes in the way the UK property industry works. Finding these properties is easy. Just simply go on to the Ad Hoc website, click properties, and scroll through dozens of housings in cities all over the country. Within minutes you will be able to find various cheap rent solutions to your housing problem.