The majority of landlords are unaware of how integral vacant property management could be to them but before long they will have to recognize the need to increase security and maintenance of their unoccupied buildings.

Recent government authorities published a shocking set of statistic recording a large number of uninhabited properties across the UK. More than 600,000 buildings are currently empty and 200,000 of which have been idle for over 6 months.

Traditionally, vacant properties are categorized into two domains: residential and commercial/public estates.

Vacant Property Security

Large double rooms available in this former day hospital in Coleford, Gloucestershire. From just £270pcm including all bills, this property features excellent shared facilities throughout, plentiful off-street parking and a stunning courtyard.

Residential buildings are to an extent safeguarded by law because anti-social behaviours are subjects to criminal offense; despite legal loopholes having resulted in landowners loosing thousands of pounds from fraudulent tenants or simply trying to secure and maintain the premise. On the other hand, non-residential properties such as commercial and public estates do not share the same legal framework. As a result, the issue of squatting, thefts and vandalism in commercial properties have been questionable and especially prominent in areas with dense population such as Bristol, London, Liverpool and Manchester. In more extreme cases, squatters were able to take over and become legal owners of the land.

The conventional approach to vacant property management includes hiring security agencies to oversee the premise or letting the property to a tenant. The first method may seem quick and easy, but in reality entails an extortionate cost; the latter is the most common and popular option in the housing market, but it often fails to upkeep properties while owners are away from their assets for a long period of time.

The Guardianship Model is the answer to both questions. Ad Hoc strives to provide an effective but affordable solution to managing empty properties based on a tenancy-landlord agreement. Professional and responsible live-in guardians will make sure that all problems are swiftly reported and resolved. For the first time, responsibility will be in the hands of both the tenant and the property owner.

In addition to guaranteed security, the Guardianship Model can be up to 80% cheaper than conventional security methods; the only costs for landowners being a small fee and monthly utilities. What has traditionally been seen as a tedious and costly burden for landlords could now become a positive, financially sound way of ensuring the security of properties.

To learn more about the guardianship model, simply go on to the Ad Hoc guardian website and read about successful guardian case studies in cities all around the country. Within minutes you will find the answer to effective and cost efficient vacant property management.