Do you need a temporary accommodation in London? There are several possibilities to stay in London for a short time.

Temporary accommodation is more common for people living on their own. If you want to save money and live in the city of London as well, this option might suit you. On average, you will be charged around 40-50 % less than if you would rent a normal flat in London.

The costs depend on various factors. In addition, you can get to know new people and share your life with them.

If you consider becoming a guardian you must take these following points into account:

  • Over 18 years old
  • No living with children
  • No pets
  • Fully employment
  • Reliability

The accommodations will be inspected once a month by property inspectors, so always keep your place tidy and clean. If something breaks or doesn’t work please immediately get in touch with a guardian manager.

How long you can stay in an accommodation depends on the owner of the building and also your behavior. You may be required to leave within 28 days. Please be aware of the flexibility which may be required and the furniture you have to bring with you.

Nowadays there are many different temporary accommodation possibilities in London which are cheap and near to the city center.