With a large number of ships loading and unloading a wide range of goods every day, ports with inadequate security can quickly become a haven for opportunistic thieves, which can prove extremely costly.

The Ad Hoc range of barriers & bollards and mobile CCTV Tower solutions can significantly improve the security of these dockside areas.


Our concrete barriers can provide a simple and robust deterrent to any unauthorised vehicles trying to access more secure areas of a port, which are almost impossible for would-be trespassers to move without specialised equipment.

Key features:

  • High -level security barrier
  • Visible deterrent
  • Range of available sizes
  • Ideal for protecting sites and vacant land   


Produced from high quality steel, our strong but slimline bollards offer an even more cost-effective solution to preventing unauthorised site access. They are also ideal for use in areas where space may be more restricted.

Key features:

  • Top grade steel
  • Strong, hard-wearing design
  • Available in bright visible colours
  • Can be embedded in concrete
  • Great for tighter spaces

CCTV Towers

Featuring a telescopic mast of up to 6m in height, the CCTV Towers boast a 360-degree camera that enables all-round visibility and 24/7 surveillance. A range of zoom features also allows you to focus in on objects with more detail and accuracy in the event of any suspicious dockside activity.

Key features:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 360-degree camera for all-round visibility
  • Quick installation
  • A range of camera zoom capabilities
  • Night vision
  • Wireless technology
  • Highly visible deterrent