Wireless Smart AlarmVacant property requiring smart alarm – background

A former public house in Reading became vacant following the purchase of the site by an investor. The property was not protected with a wireless alarm at this stage. It in is located in a residential area where a number of factors including an active underpass meant the property was vulnerable to both vandalism and asset stripping.


Investment Management Company, Stonelink, are managing the site and were due to sign a lease agreement. The smart alarm system was proposed to ensure that their clients asset was fully protected during the negotiation and void period. Due to previous issues whilst in operation as a public house, the security solution was required to be installed as quickly as possible, in order to deter known thieves and those with the intention of causing damage and asset stripping the property.

Wireless Smart Alarm solution

Ad Hoc’s smart alarm system was selected as the most appropriate and cost effective option due to the uncertain length of time that the property would be vulnerable.
One system has been installed with just 48 hours’ notice, that includes 10 PIRs, smoke detectors and threshold detectors providing cover to all entry points on the ground and 1st floor. The smart alarm is connected to a 24/7 monitoring centre that respond if the system is activated by either assigning a guard to visit the site or contacting the local authorities and police if required. The end result was that the property was fully secure for the full duration that it was empty.

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