CIH Housing Stand: C38


Ad Hoc Property Management will discuss the national housing crisis, currently an issue faced by millions in the UK, in the context of its innovative empty property occupation model at the upcoming 2017 CIH housing event later this June in Manchester.


With the rising cost of property, the number of first-time home buyers has dropped by 50 per cent since the 90s and millennials now need to borrow upwards of 40 times their salary just to be able to buy a home. Alongside this, there has become a worrying trend of increased proposals for housebuilding on the Green Belt, rising from 81,000 proposed houses in 2012 to 275,000 in 2016 to 360,000 in 2017. These figures are proof that the UK is in desperate need of, not more housing, but more affordable housing in areas that are not always on the Green Belt.


As Europe’s leading guardianship organisation, Ad Hoc Property Management has developed its own “Property Occupation Model” which aims to place individuals under a license agreement within empty properties where they can live at an affordable rate until they find a more permanent solution. With thousands of buildings sitting vacant across the UK, the model incorporates a wide range of properties that span from unoccupied flats and care homes to vacant schools and hospitals. It is ideal for all parties involved as it provides property owners with someone to maintain their property as well as acting as a security measure, whilst the guardians benefit from affordable living in a non-traditional space.


“Attending the CIH housing event and discussing the Property Occupation Model is a great opportunity for us to showcase a solution that can be highly beneficial to the national housing crisis,” said Jason Barnard, Area Manager for London and the South East at Ad Hoc Property Management. “Millions of people are feeling the effects of the crisis with homes in areas such as Manchester and the wider Lancashire region for example, reaching heights of £200,000. Our package enables people, unable to afford these homes, to have a place to live that is both price competitive and provides plenty of space.”


Alongside the Property Occupation Model, Ad Hoc will showcase its CYCLOPS smart camera system, a security solution designed to immediately detect unwanted visitors around a property’s premises, as part of a wider security portfolio. The system, which works on remote camera control, features video content analysis within up to eight areas and instant wireless image transfer which is accessible on-site or remotely.


Jason continues: “CYCLOPS, alongside our alarm systems and security guards, are an additional bespoke service we can provide property owners with to uphold the maintenance and security of vacant properties. Adding to our main package, our aim is to provide an all-encompassing empty property solution that meets our customers’ requirements.”


The CIH housing event is Europe’s largest housing event targeting key issues around the housing market. Over the course of three days, the event brings together 8,000 housing professionals including: housing associations, local authorities, housebuilders, funders, contractors and advisors. The CIH housing event runs between 27th and 29th June 2017 at Manchester Central.


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