The Ad Hoc Smartcam Tower is a practical temporary CCTV Tower System that protects vacant and un-occupied properties and sites from trespassers allowing you to monytor the remotley.

These cameras ensure nobody will intrude on lands or property without your knowledge. Our job is to guard your assests, or maybe for temporary events, constructions sites, caravan parks and storage areas.


The cutting-edge technology we expend is the same as the US Defence Centre, the Pentagon uses. With a 360-degree view, our camera is available to be placed in inaccessible locations quickly thanks it’s rapid deployment. It offers unrestricted view  monitoring 24/7 including a 36x optical zoom magnifying distances of up to 150 yards and it has a 12x digital zoom as well. So it includes the opportunity to record footage at night thanks bright green light sensor.


Vulnerable sites could be protected dusk till dawn reducing security costs, this is  why the Smart camera security tower is economical. The wireless communication technology that Cyclops utilises, eliminate any infrastructure or ground work requirements.

Having said all of this, the installation is an easy process needing just to be manually lifted, so it provides flexibility in enabling our security engineers to relocate the device around a site where necessary. In this way, our CCTV could be located in the most remote places.


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