Who are Property Guardians and how do they protect empty property

A lot of people have empty properties which are unprotected and on top of this the owners must still pay rates.

The solution for both questions is  “property guardians”. But, who are they?

They are people who live in otherwise empty property paying less money than renting. Consequently, both the guardian and the owner benefit.

Everybody knows that a vacant house or commercial building runs the risk of being robbed, graffitied or illegally occupied.

Property guardians put and end to the issues above, giving building owners peace of mind, saving on empty property rates and retaining the value of the property and others in the surrounding district.

This is not a lease, so property guardians aren’t bound by tenancy rights. This new alternative to renting is used by key workers, professionals, mature students… and not only to live, but also for work, in all types of properties.

Property guardians can take advantage of cheaper living cost and the greatest locations all over the UK. Their only duties are keeping an eye on the house, clean it and if there was a problem, they would have to inform us and we will arrange to fix issues of maintenance as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the owner could be concerned about the guardians, but Ad Hoc has strict criteria to choose them, they will be fully vetted providing documents and fulfilling requirements like having residence permits, savings or incomes, no pets,  no police record, employed, responsible and flexible adults, no dependents etc. If for any reason the owner want to use the building again, the agreement could be broken with 28 days notice, and vice-versa, in both cases.

Property Guardians provide a sustainable solution to otherwise empty buildings, which benefits the building owners as well as the Guardians.