In order to become part of Ad Hoc Property Management as a live in Guardian, potential applicants are required to prove they have a regular income and at least three months’ worth of bank statements or wage slips. Applicants also have to be flexible, ready to move at short notice and have no dependents or pets.

If the potential applicant is able to satisfy these requirements, all he or she then requires is a proof of their current address, which could be an official statement or a telephone bill, and two character references (one from a current employer, or client if self-employed, and one from an existing Landlord, who cannot be a family member). Students can also apply for one of Ad Hoc’s properties, as long as they have an income or savings.

Guardians only need to give 14 days’ notice to leave the scheme; from Ad Hoc’s perspective, it provides the longest notice period in the industry of four weeks. From a property owner’s perspective, each needs to provide a minimum of 28 days’ notice. Finally, Ad Hoc guarantees to treat all of its Guardians with courtesy, fairness and respect, and it always tries to re-accommodate wherever possible.


Rooms can be either unfurnished or have basic furniture; where there is no furniture, Guardians are welcome to bring their own furniture into the property.

Ad Hoc’s range of properties vary from large modern office blocks and listed buildings to ex-student blocks. As part of the Guardian family, most people will be sharing with other Guardians, therefore providing the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy living as part of a community. The communal spaces in the property can be used in a variety of ways, for example one office block has a cinema!

Live in Guardian duties:

Live in Guardians protect and preserve the properties they reside in on a full-time basis, reporting any threats and/or risks to the property from vandals, trespassers and squatters as well as reporting any issues which may adversely affect the structural integrity and infrastructure of the property.

Live in Guardians are not required to undertake any security functions other than occupying the property, nor will they be expected to endanger themselves in protecting the property. Ad Hoc will provide live in Guardians with 24/7 emergency numbers in the event of a threat or risk to them or the property.