It is estimated that 11% of commercial properties in the UK stand vacant. Not only do empty buildings bring down property values, it is also expensive for owners to leave them vacant and make sure they are secure. With Ad Hoc’s Commercial Guardian model, there is an answer.

Ad Hoc’s unique business model means that any type of business or organisation can find space in the attractive area they desire to work, whilst only paying the business rates and utilities rather than costly rent. This solution not only saves the commercial property Guardians money, it also improves neighbourhoods by boosting local economies and protecting the owner’s investment.

Ad Hoc works with each Commercial Guardian to match them to the most suitable building for their business. Examples include office, retail and light industrial space as well as vacant public or private buildings. Commercial Guardians can be as diverse as charities needing a shop, artists requiring a place to exhibit or entrepreneurs wanting a pop-up shop to test concepts.

In return the Guardians’ presence in the building serves as a proven deterrent to squatters, thieves, asset strippers, vandalism and criminal damage due to the building no longer being empty. All Commercial Guardians are subject to a stringent vetting process and no tenancy rights are conferred to the Commercial Guardians from property owners. Ad Hoc conducts monthly inspections of the building and provides property owners with management reports. Upon notice, the property is returned to the commercial business owner in the condition in which it was placed under Ad Hoc’s management.