Live in guardians are being used to tackle one of the biggest issues facing developers and investors across the UK, property crime. In the absence of occupiers, empty properties could leave the investors facing a large array of problems; from major issues such as arson, squatters and theft to problems such as vandalism, fly tipping and trespassing. Live in guardians are on the rise in comparison to conventional security methods such as security guards or alarms. This is because conventional security has a track record of being ineffective and at times has been known to increase a property’s vulnerability by virtue of the property being empty. Additionally, empty properties cannot report issues such as water damage or electrical faults. If left unattended these problems can become extremely costly to the investors or owners in the long term when they begin the re-development processes.

Live in guardians are contracted to occupy the properties as if it is their home, including looking after it and reporting problems. This level of activity is one of the best security solutions there is as it doesn’t just tackle issues as they arise, but more importantly, it will prevent a large proportion of crimes that these properties face on a day-to-day basis. Many trespass, arson and squatting crimes occur because people are under the impression that nobody is using the building, without consideration for the property owners or investors. Our live in guardians are the first line of defence against this type of crime as they will be seen regularly occupying the building leaving little to no opportunity for people to create these kinds of issues. As they say, prevention is always better than cure, and our live in guardians will be able to not only protect your investment from crime but they can also prevent your building falling into disrepair during the absence of the owners; tackling common issues such as water or fire damage but also reporting signs of faulty plumbing and electrical faults that could prove to be costly in the future.

Conventional security solutions can be expensive – paying for onsite security guards, third party construction firms to board up entrance and exits or expensive security technology such as alarms and movement sensors – all cost a lot of money. Our live in guardian solution is the most cost-effective approach to not only securing but maintaining the property. Our live in guardians have been carefully selected through an interview process, and are accountable for its upkeep during their time in the property. We can arrange regular visits for investors to keep an eye on the property and their live in guardians with transparent contracts that protect their investment.