With sky high rent in London becoming the norm, a lot of young professionals are starting to feel the squeeze. Due to this, live in guardians are becoming a highly popular solution for many people looking for affordable rent around London, especially when they can occupy an unused building for as low as £35 a week. This is a huge step down from the prices offered by conventional rental solutions and landlords. The live in guardian solution works extremely well for both parties, as while the occupiers are making enormous savings from a rental perspective, the property owners can enjoy massive insurance savings and complete peace of mind, comfortable in the knowledge that their building will be safe from a wide range of threats to the property.

Ad Hoc Property Management are tackling the housing crisis in London in a unique way, by filling disused and un-inhabited properties with full-time working professionals, otherwise known as ‘live in guardians’. These guardians will occupy the buildings via a licence fee, and are charged with the task of warding off trespassers and generally keeping an eye on the building, preventing it from falling into disrepair and protecting the owner’s investment. This scheme has worked really well across the country with a huge response from people looking for affordable rent solutions. As we all know, the housing crisis in London has also been spiralling out of control for some time now with people charging sky high prices for as little as single bedrooms in shared houses. With the live in guardian solution, it is giving people an opportunity to live in spectacular properties at a low cost whilst maintaining the investor’s interests.

For those looking to become a live in guardian, Ad Hoc Property Management requires that you be over the age of 21 and in full-time employment. This is to ensure that all of our properties are in the safest of hands and so that the property owners can really feel comfortable with whomever it may be that is occupying their investment. So, if you’re looking for affordable rent around London or in fact affordable rent across the UK, please try our live in guardian scheme; you will have the opportunity to stay in some truly remarkable properties and it will save you money.