This short interview with a Bristol property guardian talks about protecting empty homes using the guardian model from the guardian’s perspective.

The Property Guardian industry has been created due to the existence of empty properties across the UK, that have no use in life other than to sit around deteriorating until such a point a decision is made as to its next use.

Thanks to Ad Hoc Property Management, a pioneer and specialist in the utilisation and protection of empty properties, these empty properties can now be brought back to life as temporary housing for people traveling for work, those requiring a cheaper alternative to buying or renting a house, or people saving up for some other cause. In addition, the advantage for the private property owner is that the house will be occupied, therefore reducing its potential as a target for vandalism or other consequence of neglect.

Guardians are a cost-effective alternative to the more traditional expensive measures such as physical security, patrols with dogs or unsightly iron-clad barriers and hoardings.