What is house sitting?This is a practice that consists in entrust houses, possessions or pets for a period of time to house sitters.

This procedure is very comfortable because, if you are far from home, you can be quiet and you can also leave your pets with someone, if you can’t bring it with you.  The house sitters must follow the rules of homeowner, be kind and available to do everything that the proprietor can ask to them. The homeowner must be honest and say everything these is to know. In this way everyone can be happy of this experience and the house sit cant’t go wrong. Sometimes this happen because the house sitters have too much big and unrealistic expectations. For example someone thinks that can leave house without a date and can adding people or pets at will. Very often this practice is totally free for the house sitter, but also for the homeowner. However is the owner that decide what to do. Some people offer money other instead ask that the electricity, phone usage and extra expanse are payed by house sitter.

There are many advantages to do this activity: you can bring with you your family, if the owner want, before you have to ask, particularly if you have children. Anyway many people are very happy to have an other family in their house. You can also brig with you your pets, you have to demand before, too. Usually there aren’t problems if there is enough space and you follow the rules.

To become an house sitter you must register for the very little price of £20 for twelve months.